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Underground Tanks

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments often reveal evidence of current or historical underground fuel tanks at a property. Just because a tank has been removed, the site may not be free of contamination. If the removal was done prior to the early 1990s, chances are the soil was never tested as is currently required for tank removal.

  • The first step to determining whether that old pipe sticking out of the ground is attached to a buried tank is to have a geophysical survey done at the property, which employs magnetic or radar imaging technology to look for buried tanks or tank pits. Once located, the soil beneath the tank or within the filled-in pit can be sampled with a truck-mounted drill rig or hand-operated auger to obtain soil samples for analysis.

  • Laboratory results and other criteria will determine what needs to be done to restore the site to environmental compliance. AAI uses a combination of onsite staff and trusted contractors to help you navigate the underground tank discovery, investigation and decommissioning process quickly, safely, and economically.

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