• Michael O'Connor

Get the complete picture with fast, reliable Zoning insights

Whether you’re checking to be sure a property complies with local zoning code, or simply looking to understand local requirements, Zoning Reports help you understand factors that could influence a property’s usage.

You can get four flavors of Zoning Reports on the RADIUS platform:

  • Zoning Compliance Report -- a detailed analysis of the local zoning ordinance requirements and the existing conditions on-site. It identifies any nonconformities affecting the property.

  • Use Analysis Reports -- provides the local development regulations for a subject property, including written zoning verification and public records requests from the local municipality.

  • EZ Zoning Report -- provides an overview of the basic zoning requirements. It does not include verification and documents from the local municipality.

  • EZ Zoning Report with Compliance -- combines the Zoning Compliance and EZ Zoning Reports to give you quick insights into a property’s basic zoning requirements as well as commentary on a property’s conformance with zoning regulations.

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