Examples of Large-Scale



Our staff have participated in the design, deployment, and management of the following large-scale, complex soil and groundwater remediation projects.


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  • In-Situ Groundwater
    Remediation System at 

    Oil and gas tank facility 


This project focused on the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons on an active oil and gas tank facility. The project included the design, installation, operation & maintenance of an air-sparge and soil vapor extraction system employing a natural gas generator fueled by wellhead natural gas. The natural gas generator powered a 240-volt rotary blower for air sparging along with a regenerative blower for soil vapor extraction. The system was equipped with controls for monitoring temperature, pressure, vacuum, and operating parameters managed by a programable controller. During shutdowns or if parameters were out of range, a telemetry system would send a notification email. The system was successful in removing over a ton of volatile organic compounds from the soil.

  • Solar-Powered Soil Vapor
    Extraction System at 
    and gas tank facility 

This system employed an innovative solar-powered soil-vapor extraction system to remove petroleum contamination from soil. The system was equipped with a solar array, battery bank, charge-controller, a DC-to-AC inverter, controls, and a ¼ horsepower regenerative blower. The system represented an innovative approach to environmental remediation in a remote location, and resulted in a full remediation and cleanup of the site.

  • Solar-Powered Groundwater
    Circulation System at 

    oil and gas tank facility 

This project entailed the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of a solar-powered groundwater recirculation system consisting of a solar array, battery bank, charger controller, and a 12-volt DC air compressor, which forced compressed air into a groundwater recirculation well to distribute dissolved oxygen to achieve a higher level of purification.

  • Ex-Situ Soil Remediation
    System at 
    Former oil and
    gas production pits 

This project employed an innovative approach for the on-site remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon-impacted soils in a very remote location, using ex-situ techniques such as soil-shredding, followed by chemical oxidation and bioremediation using soil bio-piles. The project succeed in remediating over 40,000 cubic yards of petroleum-impacted soils and achieving closure for a total of 46 operational units.

  • Storm Drain Backfill
    Mitigation System at 
    Defense Contractor Manufacturing Facility

This effort included the installation of a remediation system to mitigate the migration of sodium permanganate from a storm drain system into the surrounding soil by actively detecting increasing oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in groundwater, neutralizing potential oxidant, and reducing groundwater elevation to prevent oxidant from reaching the main storm drain and contaminating downstream surface waters. 

  • Sub-Slab Depressurization
    System at 
    Chlorinated Solvent Mitigation Site

This effort included the installation of a sub-slab depressurization system in a 3,500-square-foot active commercial building to mitigate migration of chlorinated solvent vapors from underlying soils into the building and to maintain indoor air standards for workers. The project successfully achieved regulatory agency administrative closure.

  • Groundwater Pump-and-Treat
    System at 
    Former Defense
    Contractor Manufacturing Facility

This effort included the installation of repurposed groundwater treatment equipment coupled with new automated controls, a programmable logic controller, telemetry equipment, a venturi-tube aeration system, surge tanks, bag filters, an air stripper, and an activated carbon filter to remediate a contaminated plume of groundwater beneath a building.

  • Groundwater Recirculation
    System at 
    Former Defense
    Contractor Manufacturing Facility

This effort included the installation of a groundwater recirculation system to recover water from a fractured limestone aquifer with a dilute solution of sodium permanganate and re-inject it via gravity into wells to homogenize and redistribute the remedial agent while decreasing the water table to increase vapor recovery of the local soil vapor extraction system. The system successfully achieved cleanup goals for the contaminated groundwater.


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