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Current Pre-Demolition Lead and

Asbestos Survey Requirements


In fall 2018, Oregon adopted the following requirements for handling asbestos-containing material.


  • New Requirement 1: Residential renovation asbestos survey:

    All houses and other residential buildings constructed prior to 2004 must now have an asbestos survey and lead paint survey conducted by an accredited inspector prior to demolition and renovation activities, with one exception: Owner-occupants doing their own home renovation work are exempt from this rule. However, this exemption does not apply when the residence is going to be demolished. Previous rules exempted residential renovation projects from the asbestos survey requirement that applied to commercial projects and residential demolition projects. However, residential property owners and contractors were still required to follow asbestos abatement requirements for licensing, certification, notification, handling, packaging and disposing of asbestos. When complete demolition or extensive renovation is planned, an asbestos survey and lead paint survey of the entire facility is required. When partial renovation is planned, such as a kitchen remodel, an asbestos survey is required for that area of the structure only. If a single material, such as sheet vinyl flooring is to be removed, a sample of each layer of flooring needs to be collected and analyzed or the material can be presumed to contain asbestos. When a single material is involved, an accredited inspector is not required.

  • New Requirement 2: Updated disposal requirements for non-friable materials

    Non-friable asbestos waste must now be packaged the same as friable waste. Friable materials are those that can be easily crumbled and release asbestos fibers. Non-friable materials can become friable if improperly handled, increasing the risk of exposure to asbestos fibers. Applying the same packaging standard for non-friable and friable materials streamlines the packaging requirements for all asbestos waste and ensures a safer work environment for employees, residents, neighbors and disposal facility workers. 

  • New Requirement 3: Accredited laboratories for asbestos testing

    Laboratories analyzing bulk asbestos samples must participate in a nationally recognized accreditation or testing program by January 1, 2021. This new requirement establishes a common level of competency and reliability in analysis to properly identify asbestos content. DEQ maintains a public list of accredited laboratories on its website.

  • New Requirement 4: Asbestos Survey Reports Must Meet ODEQ Standards

    Asbestos survey reports submitted to DEQ must now meet standard requirements. This requirement ensures survey reports include all required information. See all ODEQ asbestos standards here.

  • Residential Pre-Demolition Asbestos and Lead Paint Survey Requirement
    (Specific to Properties within the City of Portland)

    Effective July 1, 2018, demolitions of structures with 1-4 dwelling units and any accessory structures over 200 square feet on those sites must have a comprehensive, "destructive" asbestos survey completed for any structures to be demolished, AND, implement the following site control measures outlined in Portland City Code Section 24.55.205:

  1. An asbestos survey and lead paint survey, conducted by a certified asbestos and lead-based paint inspector, must be provided to the City of Portland Bureau of Development Services prior to issuance of a demolition permit, stating that no asbestos or lead-based paint was identified in the structure, in order to exempt themselves from the following requirements: 

  2. If the lead paint survey is conducted, and all components that tested positive for lead-based paint are removed prior to demolition, then an additional lead inspection report must be provided to the City of Portland, documenting that no lead-based paint was identified after the abatement. If these criteria are satisfied, then painted exterior surfaces don’t need to be removed.

  3. A comprehensive pre-demolition asbestos inspection, using destructive sampling protocols to test interior and exterior building materials, is also required. The asbestos inspection should include cutting into walls, sampling all layers of flooring, and an inspection of any other areas that might contain otherwise hidden asbestos materials, including areas under cabinets, beneath exterior siding and roofing, and in any other other spaces.

  4. If friable asbestos-containing materials (able to be crushed by hand) are identified in the asbestos survey, those materials must be properly abated, and a close-out letter from the ODEQ-licensed asbestos abatement contractor must accompany the asbestos survey, verifying all of the asbestos-containing material identified in the asbestos survey has been abated, prior to issuance of the demolition permit. The close-out letter must also contain sufficient detail to allow the Site Development Inspector to review it simultaneously with the asbestos survey to verify that the locations where the friable asbestos was located correspond to the locations where the abatement occurred.

  5. For demolition sites where lead paint was identified, all painted exterior non-structural surfaces, including, but not limited to, doors, windows, railings, soffits, trim, exterior porches (except for concrete or masonry materials), and all layers of siding (unless such surfaces have been tested and found not to contain lead-containing paint) must be removed, and all such materials must be placed in 6 mil plastic and deposited in a covered container. During the removal of these exterior painted materials, 6-mil plastic sheeting or equivalent must be placed at the base of the exterior shear wall and extend at least 10 feet beyond the perimeter of the structure or work area, whichever is greater.  If a property line prevents 10 feet of ground covering, vertical containment must be erected to protect neighboring properties. If the structure to be demolished was constructed after January 1, 1978, then the lead hazard reduction requirements do not apply.

  6. A demolition plan must also be prepared, outlining the techniques and equipment that will be used on the demolition site to control dust and debris generated during demolition.

  7. A demolition manager must be designated for implementing and overseeing the demolition plan. 

  8. A person with the specified accreditation for asbestos and lead-based paint must be on site during demolition activities. 

  9. Mechanical demolition activities are prohibited when wind speeds exceed 25 miles per hour.

  10. Demolition debris must be contained on-site. 

  11. Applicants must post door hangers on properties within 300 feet of the demolition site with information relating to the demolition, including contact information and approximate date of demolition, and post information onsite with demolition manager contact information (the same posting that is currently required for site control). 

  12. The demolition permit must be finalized before a building permit will be issued. 


Commercial Building Asbestos Survey Requirements


  • All Commercial Buildings are Required to Get an Asbestos Survey
    Regarding commercial and industrial buildings, Oregon-OSHA requires that building owners conduct asbestos surveys of their buildings, notify any occupants of the presence of asbestos-containing materials, and provide asbestos operations and maintenance training and guidance for maintenance personnel.


  • Friable vs Non-Friable Asbestos
    From a regulatory standpoint, there are two types of asbestos--Friable and Non-Friable, which have different abatement requirements. Friable ACMs can be easily crushed or pulverized. These types of materials are more likely to release asbestos fibers and can include floor tiles, pipe insulation, "popcorn" ceiling texture, wallboard systems, including drywall, compound, and tape, and soundproofing panels. Non-Friable asbestos materials have a binding agent that holds the fibers together, making the material less apt to release fibers to the air. These can include asphalt roofing material, roofing felt, sprayed-on undersink soundproofing, vinyl floor tile and mastic, and transite cement siding shingles.

  • Who Can Perform Asbestos Surveys and Sampling?
    Owner-occupants of single-family homes are legally allowed to collect samples when they are doing their own home renovation projects, although they must hire a professional to conduct an asbestos survey if their home is being demolished. Here's a list of ODEQ-accredited labs you can bring your sample to. If you're hiring a contractor to renovate or demolish your home, and it was built before 2004, an asbestos survey must be conducted by an accredited asbestos inspector prior to the work. 

  • Who Can Perform Asbestos Abatement (Removal and Disposal)?
    For owner-occupied homes, there are two options for abatement. The owner-occupant may either hire a licensed asbestos abatement contractor, or remove the asbestos themselves (as long as they follow Oregon's requirements for asbestos waste packaging and disposal). Here's a list of ODEQ-accredited asbestos abatement contractors.

  • We Have Deep Experience with Asbestos Surveys
    Our staff has extensive experience inspecting and sampling buildings for asbestos. We can include this service as part of a Phase I ESA and provide results in as little as 24 hours.