Assessment Associates, Inc.
has joined forces
with CREtelligent!


Our whole team at AAI is excited to be joining forces with the CREtelligent family. We’ve always been about providing well-reasoned, quick turnaround Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments at competitive price points. Now, with this merger we’re able to take our commercial real estate due diligence to a whole new level.

Join us as we help reinvent CRE Due Diligence!

        - Michael O’Connor, R.G., Principal Geologist

In addition to the Commercial Property Environmental Services we already offer, we can now provide:



Phase 1 Environmental

Site Assessments


The first step in evaluating the environmental health of your site. Fast, accurate, and affordable assessments

Phase 2 Environmental

Site Assessments


Collecting and analyzing soil, groundwater, and soil vapor samples for site characterization

Stormwater Management & Compliance


Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans

NPDES Permitting

Stormwater sampling and analysis

Brownfields Assessment & Cleanup


Assessment, characterization, and remediation of environmentally challenged sites

Third Party Document Review


Our experienced geologists and environmental engineers can provide an unbiased opinion on other's work



Environmental due diligence isn't just a formality, it's a deep dive into the

ecological health of your property, which can directly affect its value and livability. 


The first step in your real estate transaction should be a thorough environmental study by our experienced professionals to find any potential hidden environmental problems.






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